Why Microdose Cannabis?

Using marijuana doesn’t always have to be about getting so stoned you can’t move. Microdosing cannabis is for those who want to reap the benefits of cannabis and want to do so without compromising their ability to knock out their day like a boss. Below are the top five reasons why THC experts and newbies alike are consuming their cannabis by the microdose. We also discuss a few cannabis products that are great for microdosing.

1. Cannabis microdosing allows you to “start low & go slow.”

If you’re new to learning about edibles, many budtenders will tell you to “start low, go slow”, meaning start by consuming a very low dose edible of THC, like a 2mg or 5mg, then wait a bit before taking more. Just because it didn’t kick in the first hour doesn’t mean it won’t, and if you take more before your first nibble has had the chance to kick in, you may have disadvantaged yourself by taking too much, too soon.

When edibles are absorbed by the stomach and metabolized by the liver, THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, a compound that is both more potent and longer-lasting than THC. Long story short, once you’ve consumed too much, it takes a while to wear off. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories. Starting with small doses and building your high slowly ensures you won’t go overboard, better to be safe than sorry.

2. You can find YOUR precise dose by microdosing marijuana.

Once you’ve got a good idea of how much you can handle, microdosing marijuana is also great for pinpointing your happy high. When you take cannabis little by little, it’s easier to hone in and achieve your exact desired euphoric state. Everyone is different and the effects can affect everyone in their own way. Some need a little, some need a lot, and if you’ve eaten recently that will have a card to play.

Microdosing cannabis is the best way to experiment without any risk of consuming too much and having a bad time. Edibles are great because they last long and can hit harder. But if higher doses are consumed irresponsibly it can lead to unfortunate events, so just take low doses to start!

3. Microdosing cannabis can take the edge off.

Many people in this world suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, acute pain, chronic pain, trouble focusing, among other disorders that affect them daily. Recreational and medical cannabis has become their answer to ease these conditions instead of prescribed drugs. What they’ve discovered? Having a little THC to take the edge off is a game-changer.

Microdosing cannabis allows regular or new users to reap the medical benefits of THC while steering clear of the intoxicating effects that can interfere with the day-to-day. It can help them achieve a state of calm by alleviating anxiety, without risking feeling unmotivated or sluggish because they’re too “high.”

This is also great for those who need a little boost in the creative space as well. So, microdosing cannabis is a successful solution to get the creative juices flowing without sacrificing the day.

4. Microdosing is discreet.

For those who need a little TLC with THC to get through the day, running off to take a small hit of a joint on your lunch break isn’t exactly an acceptable way to run your day. Not to mention the strong odor of cannabis is a dead giveaway. Weed still hasn’t won everyone over. There are still skeptical people in the world. Microdosing edibles have become an answer for cannabis users who truly need the relief, but don’t want to attract undue attention to themselves.

5. You can have more.

Edibles have come a long way since the pot brownies of the 60s. Today, culinary experts have created some truly tasty edibles, so stopping at just one can be difficult. Products that are designed for microdosing allow you to have more, and companies are providing low-dose options because they understand the benefits and see the market heading this way.

Cannabis Products Made for Microdosing


Dixie Brands makes it easy to microdose with low-dose mints at 5mg THC, plus they freshen your breath which is always a bonus. The Dixie Relaxing Peppermint Mints also contain peppermint, which is linked to sharpening mental focus, and the lemon balm and passionflower can help address anxiety, stress, and restlessness. While Dixie’s Awakening Orange Zest Mints contain orange oil which can give an overall uplifting effect to keep you grooving through the day.


In the THC beverage market, microdosing has been rivaled with drinking a beer. (Some even prefer it since there’s no hangover the next morning.) Dixie Brands created their Elixir Sparkling Wild Berry Lemonade and created a patented bottle top that also works as a measuring cup. Simply fill the top to the line, and it’ll be 6mg of THC every time. This makes creating a precise, microdose mocktail just as easy as making an alcoholic cocktail.

Transdermal Patch

Another cannabis product made for microdosing is a low-dose transdermal patch. Products like Mary’s Medicinal Patch contain 1mg CBD and 1mg THC that you can put on your skin so you aren’t ingesting anything and it lasts 12 hours.


Tinctures are also a great way to microdose discreetly. Tinctures like Tonic Drops offer different ratios of THC and CBD depending on the effects you want and have measured droppers for accurate dosing. For example, one serving of 1:1 Tonic Drops equals three full droppers at 10mg of CBD and 10mg of THC. So one full dropper would amount to about 3.3mg of both THC and CBD for a microdose.

Microdosing Trend

Microdosing has become a hot trend in recent years because it allows new users to experience the effects of cannabinoids like THC without going overboard and helps all users pinpoint their optimal high. It can take the edge off without causing anxiety or intoxicating effects while promoting creativity and is a discreet way to enjoy cannabis. Companies know this as there is a growing variety of products on the market designed for microdosing so, enjoy!

*LivWell makes no claims regarding the health or medical benefits of cannabis.

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