Visiting Colorado? Facts on Using & Buying Marijuana

There are so many reasons to visit the great state of Colorado. From outdoor adventures to culture and entertainment, we’ve got it all! If you’re planning a trip to Colorado and want to make cannabis a part of your visit, you probably have some questions. And you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of the most common questions tourists ask about buying and using marijuana in Colorado.

Answers to Top 12 Questions Tourists Ask about Cannabis

Yes! It’s perfectly legal to purchase marijuana if you are visiting from out-of-state. Colorado law allows for adults 21 and over to purchase recreational marijuana, which means you don’t need a medical prescription or card. But there are still rules you need to follow to legally enjoy marijuana in Colorado.

First, you need to find a licensed marijuana dispensary that sells recreational cannabis. But don’t worry, this is easy!  LivWell has 21 locations throughout the state, and we’d love to have you come in during your visit to Colorado. Second, make sure to bring a current government-issued ID and have it handy to show dispensary staff.

As a recreational cannabis customer, you can purchase up to one ounce of cannabis flower and its equivalent of other types of products. Eight grams of concentrate and 800 mg of infused products equals one ounce of flower. If you’d like to mix and match different products, your budtender will be happy to assist you in staying within these limits.

Colorado marijuana laws allow for cannabis to be consumed on private property. Most hotels have their own policies on cannabis use and smoking, and many don’t allow either. The good news is that we have many cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts around the state. If you plan on making cannabis a part of your visit to Colorado, check out some of the many online directories of 420 friendly lodgings before you book your trip.

It’s also worth checking out one of Colorado’s retail marijuana hospitality businesses, where you can legally enjoy your cannabis products. Vehicles are not considered private property, and consuming cannabis in a rental car is illegal.

While both skiing and cannabis are some of the best reasons to visit Colorado, you won’t be able to smoke while hitting the slopes. Cannabis can only be consumed on private property, which doesn’t apply to federal lands, including national forests, national parks, and national monuments. Most ski areas you’ll visit are located on federal land, so wait until after you leave the ski park to enjoy your cannabis products.

You can legally drive with cannabis in your car. But just like with an open container of alcohol, you cannot have cannabis in an area of your vehicle that is accessible to the driver or passengers.

Driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance (including cannabis) is illegal and can result in a DUI. Stay smart and safe, and don’t drive while high. Learn more about marijuana and driving high.

Unfortunately, it’s still illegal to take cannabis across state lines, so please don’t bring products home if you are traveling from out-of-state.

However, if you forget you have it on you once you get to Denver International Airport (DIA) there are containers to dispose of it, and security personnel will kindly ask you to do so.

All of our locations accept cash and have ATMs available on-site. We are also able to conduct cashless ATM transactions with your debit card and PIN. We do not accept credit cards.

To purchase recreational Cannabis in Colorado, you’ll need a current, government-issued picture ID that shows your birthday. Make sure your ID isn’t expired since that can’t be accepted. If you are visiting from outside of the United States, you’ll need to bring a passport.

Current Colorado law only allows for medical cannabis delivery to a patient’s home. That means you won’t be able to have it delivered to your hotel room. But don’t worry, you won’t have trouble finding a recreational dispensary close to where you are staying.

A standard dose of THC is 10 mg. If you are new to cannabis, it’s a good idea to start with a single dose or less and assess how you feel before consuming more. Remember that edibles take up to 90 minutes or longer to kick in, so give yourself enough time to fully feel the effects before deciding to consume more.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve used cannabis, our best advice is to go “low and slow.” That means starting out with the standard 10 mg dose or less of THC. Give yourself time to feel the effects before consuming any more. You can always increase your dose, but once you consume cannabis there is no going back down until it wears off.

If you are concerned about feeling too high, we recommend buying products with more of a balanced THC:CBD ratio. Why? Because CBD acts as a “babysitter” for THC. It can tame the negative side effects like the anxiety that some people feel when they consume too much THC.

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