How to Be a Smart Weed Shopper

We’re all juggling multiple things every day, so here are a few tips on how to be a smart cannabis shopper so you can get all you want and need—and save some cash.

Things to Know

If you are a tourist or local visiting a dispensary for the first time (or if you just need a refresher), be sure to understand how much cannabis you can buy, as well as answers to other common questions about cannabis shopping. Two quick things to always remember to bring to a dispensary are your ID and cash to avoid any ATM charges.

When dispensary shopping, in addition to checking Google Maps to find dispensaries near you, check out WeedMaps or Leafly mobile apps. They will show you what dispensaries are near you, which ones are offering deals and things like trending strains.

General Discounts

  • Some cannabis shops offer first-time customer discounts so be on the lookout if you are interested in trying out new dispensaries.
  • Most also offer veteran discounts if you’ve served or are currently in the military.
  • Some dispensaries offer a discount if you place an online order, so be sure to check their website.
  • If you want to get your medical marijuana card, keep in mind this will save you a boatload of cash on taxes.

Daily Sales

Many dispensaries have daily deals on cannabis products, like Monday Munchies or Wax Wednesdays. If you have time during the week to drop by one of our 21 LivWell retail locations in Colorado, there will likely be a limited-time sale going on. Ask your budtender, look for signs for what’s currently on sale or you can check our website ahead of your visit. Bookmark our cannabis deals page as it shows daily sales including what, how much, if it’s for recreation or medical, and when the offers expire.

We also have a featured vendor once a month with deals on their products every day of the month. So be sure to check and bookmark our featured cannabis partner page to get deals on your favorite brands every month.

Weekend Sales

The deals and featured partner pages will also show any weekend sales, which happens often. Many deals expire at the end of the day on Sunday, so be sure to check the website before you come in on a weekend. If you’re seeing a friend or two it could mean being able to get that extra product or accessory to share or gift!

Rewards Program

Many marijuana dispensaries offer loyalty programs that can provide extra savings. At LivWell, members earn points with every purchase that goes towards credits or discounts on your next purchase. Plus when you sign up to the LivWell Rewards Program, you can opt-in to receive email and/or text communications so you are in the know about all sales going on.

pre-weight cannabis flower

And of course, there is a LivWell Medical Member Program for all of our medical patient customers. Medical members get credits just for signing up, monthly credits, recreational discounts, and discounts on flower. Medical customers can sign up by bringing a valid photo ID and your Colorado medical marijuana registry card to a LivWell dispensary.

Discontinued Items

Sometimes products are discontinued but the remaining items in inventory are available in-store only at discounted prices. So be sure to ask your budtender what discontinued products are available in the category you are looking for and you could save big on those last available gems.

Expiring Items

Regulations require that there is an expiration date on all products. Most products have a longer shelf life than listed and can be preserved past that date by refrigeration or other methods. Ask your budtender what expiring items are available. This could mean even more discounts for you!

Vendor Pop-Up Specials

Cannabis brand representatives are now popping into dispensaries to answer questions about their products and offer discounts. The brand specific discounts are on certain days at select locations.

So another way to save money is to check out and bookmark our LivWell vendor events web page. Some discounts are as much as 25% off so it’s definitely worth your time to check the vendor events page before your visit in case what you want or need is on special.

We hope these tips will help you get all of the cannabis you need and want, plus save you some green. Happy and smart cannabis shopping!

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