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Cannabis Strains and Sandwiches

Cannabis strains and sandwiches—they go together like peanut butter and jelly. And just like perfect pairings, we’ve met one of our matches—the holy hoagie heads over at Cheba Hut.

Best Cannabis Strains for Summertime

Want to make the most of your summertime sessions? From Lemon OG Haze to Trill OG, check out our favorites cannabis strains for summertime activities.

Weed and Music

Learn why weed and music go together, a brief history, and about cannabis strains to try with different music genres to help you find some bliss.

Marijuana and Food Pairings

Besides just satisfying your munchies, matching aroma and flavor profiles of food and cannabis can accentuate or complement the tastes and effects.

7 Cannabis Holiday Gift

With the gift-giving season in full swing, it’s time to knock the final gifts off your shopping list. If you’re

Cannabis Etiquette 101

The social element of cannabis is as old as the plant itself. But like any social situation, you want to be mindful of etiquette. Here are 7 tips to help you.