Cannabis Strains for Your Next Date

Have any Valentine’s Day plans yet? We’ve got just the thing to kick date night up a notch! Check out our strain guide below for making your date extra special.

For Netflix & Chill: Humdinger

Sometimes kicking back with a good movie is the way to go. If that’s what you’re in the mood for, Humdinger is a great choice. With bright green trichome-laden buds and rich aromas of citrus and coffee, this indica-dominant strain’s full body effects are known for relaxation without sending you to bed. Instead, Humdinger’s body buzz is often coupled with a pleasant contentment that can promote savoring the moment. It’s perfect for relaxing cuddling with your significant other while watching a romantic movie.

For the Great Outdoors: Lemon OG Haze

Meeting up with mother nature for your next date? Lemon OG Haze is a great option for outdoor adventures. Since this sativa-heavy strain has high levels of the terpene limonene, it tends to have an energizing effect. (For more information on terpenes, check out our terpenes blog.) Thankfully Lemon OG Haze is known for being an invigorating sativa without the overly racy headspace that can come with other sativa-leaning strains, meaning you’re less likely to withdraw into your head when using this one.

For Dinner Dates: Citral Flo

When we’re getting ready for a nice dinner, being conversational is key—but we also want the food to taste bomb too, right? Citral Flo is a great option for these occasions. An uplifting and lemony strain, Citral Flo is known for its classic hybrid buzz on both the mind and body, making it perfect for nearly any time of day. When a dinner date is on the menu, this one is great for stimulating conversation without taking your focus too far away from that delicious plate in front of you.

For Creative Projects: Golden Goat

Artistic projects can make for great dates, and for many people, cannabis can enhance the experience even more. We think Golden Goat is the perfect choice for this occasion: with an eclectic combination of sweet, sour, and spicy aromas, this sativa-dominant strain’s uplifting and creative buzz lends itself to artsy endeavors! Whether you’re looking to paint on canvas or mess around with some watercolors, the vivid imagination Golden Goat is known to help promote could make it an even more satisfying creative experience for the both of you.

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