Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

The season of giving is upon us, and just in case you forgot, we now live in a place where we can give the greatest gift of all: cannabis! What went from one of the most scrutinized plants has practically hit it mainstream and continues to make leaps and bounds in the minds of even the most skeptical. Giving the gift of cannabis not only offers a fun way to think outside of the box, but it opens the door to conversations that allow us to break down the stigma even further and continue to pave the way for real change.

Now that you’re officially in the canna-holiday spirit, take a look at our ultimate marijuana gift guide for the holiday season for some inspiration around the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

marijuana stocking stuffers

Infused Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are a great way to ensure, quite literally, a little something for everyone. From pre-rolls to edibles, these are a few of the most discrete, delicious, and all-around awesome of the bunch.

For the Old School Flower Loversmarijuana gifts

Cannabis has come a long way, but who can forget our humble beginnings: lighting up some good bud with even better buds. For those that love the plant in its purest form, check out the following bundle cannabis gifts:

For the Self-Care Queens & Kings cannabis topical gifts

On more than one occasion, you’ve probably heard this friend utter the words “treat yourself.” We all need a friend like this in our lives. Even better, maybe you are that friend. Either way, we give you the ultimate treat-yourself package for the days where the only thing on the to-do list is to sit back and relax:

For the Sweet Tooth marijuana edible gifts

This is for the friend who always saves room for dessert, or may even practice the “Life is short, eat dessert first” method like it’s a religion. Either way, we suggest one (of each) of the following:

For the Cannabis Newcomercannabis gifts

Know someone who’s new to the world of cannabis and looking to get their feet wet? Here’s a sampling of marijuana products with lower amounts of THC to help them start low, go slow, and discover exactly what works best for them:

The Dabbers Starter Kitdabbing gifts

For those friends who know their way around a dab rig or are interested in getting started, here’s what they’ll need, including a range of concentrates so they can hone in on their preferred method:

For the Adventurermarijuana gift guide

We all have that friend that’s constantly on the hunt for the best hike, coolest camping spot, and is always down for an adventure. Here’s a bundle they can bring along for the fun:

Wishing you a wonderful holiday from all of us at LivWell!

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