Cannabis Etiquette 101

One of the best things about the cannabis community is that it is generally full of likable people who enjoy partaking together. In fact, the social element of cannabis is as old as the plant itself. But like any social situation, you want to be mindful of etiquette.

If you are a seasoned smoker, cannabis etiquette is probably second nature to you. But if you are a newer user, some of the unspoken rules might be a little confusing. Here’s a simple guide to the most common rules of smoking cannabis that will help you be a respectful cannabis connoisseur the next time you join a sesh.

1. Pick the Right Spot

Whether you are at a friend’s house or a party, choosing the right spot is key to being respectful, and not bothering others. If you are unsure of how comfortable people around you are with cannabis, try to find a private spot. Head to the backyard or another room so you don’t offend others with the smoke and odor.

You also need to make sure that you find a place where it is legal to consume cannabis. In Colorado, you can legally consume cannabis on private property. It’s also legal to consume cannabis in the designated consumption area at a retail marijuana hospitality business.

Make sure that the spot is safe and calm. There’s nothing worse than getting too high in a place you don’t feel safe. Make sure you feel comfortable with the group of people you are with to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

2. Be Willing to Share

Sharing cannabis has always been a part of marijuana etiquette and dates back to the days of illicit cannabis consumption. When you have cannabis and others don’t, share what you’ve got. The favor will be returned to you if the reverse is true. If someone shares their buds with you, make sure to include them when you replenish your cannabis supply. Also offer to throw in a few bucks.

3. Keep Things Clean

If you know you are going to be sharing your buds, make sure your cannabis smoking accessories are clean and presentable. Nobody wants to smoke out of a filthy bong! Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol and salt if they become caked with resin.

And if you are going to be sharing, keep the spit to a minimum! Do your best not to drool all over a joint or a glass piece. If it happens, give it a wipe-down before passing it along. Of course, don’t share smoking pieces if you’re sick!

4. Pass to the Left

While this might seem like a strange rule to new cannabis users, it’s been a part of cannabis culture etiquette for the past four decades. The origin of passing to the left comes from a song by the Jamaican group called Mighty Diamonds. The chorus line goes, “pass the kutchie pon the lef’ hand side.” The song was later covered by a group called Musical Youth and became a huge hit. Stoners have been passing their buds clockwise ever since. Why? Keeping the rotation consistent means that no one misses out!

It’s also polite to ash a joint before you pass. Nobody wants to be handed a cannabis pre-roll only to have a large ash drop onto their lap! So if it needs to be ashed, take care of it before you hand it off.

5. Know Your Limit

Even though every cannabis user makes this mistake at least once in their life, learning your limits and not going overboard is standard weed etiquette for keeping the vibes chill. Take enough time between your hits to assess how you feel, and remember that different products produce different effects. Be patient and take your time until you reach your sweet spot.

6. Don’t Blow Smoke Near a Person’s Face

This is a big no-no. It’s never okay to blow smoke in someone’s face, by accident, or for a joke. It will kill the friendly mood and is a sure-fire way not to get invited to join the next circle.

7. Keep the Vibes Positive

Come into the circle with a friendly attitude and keep it that way. Everyone wants to feel welcome and relaxed while they enjoy cannabis, so make sure to stay on positive conversation topics. Bringing the mood down can make people feel uneasy when they are high, and they might not want to partake with you again. So keep it positive and help everyone enjoy the experience!

If you are ever unsure about anything, don’t be afraid to ask! The cannabis community is usually filled with compassionate folks who aren’t prejudiced. People will appreciate your question because it shows you care and are making an effort to be a polite and courteous cannabis user.

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