Best Marijuana Strains for the Holidays

From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah, Christmas to Kwanzaa, New Years, and all the rest, the holiday season can come with their fair share of joy, chaos, anxiety, chronic stress, and everything in between. Looking for the perfect marijuana strains to pair with it all? LivWell has you covered. See below for our list of some of the best cannabis flower strains for holiday celebrations.

Kosher Kush #1 (Indica-dominant)

When a break from the family or in-laws is calling your name, look no further than the deep, relaxing effects of Kosher Kush. This popular strain originates from a group of LA-based Jewish growers and is said to be blessed by a Rabbi. This makes it an especially fitting pairing come Hanukkah time. Known for its pungent, skunk-like aromas, this potent cannabis strain is perfect for when you’re in need of a strong body high to help you unwind during the holiday season.

Blue Diesel #1 (Indica-dominant)

A cross between Indica-dominant Blueberry and Sativa-dominant NYC Diesel, Blue Diesel provides the best of all worlds. Its pleasant and long-lasting body effects are optimal for the daytime and come with little to no fatigue, making it the ideal pairing for taking the edge off during holiday travel. (Delays? What are those?)

Blueberry Headband #1 (Sativa-dominant)

Looking for pleasant cerebral effects and a relaxing body high to pair with fun outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding? Blueberry Headband is sure to be your jam. With notes of diesel, berries, and pepper, this sativa-dominant hybrid will be a blissful rush of holiday spirit in more ways than one.

Tres Kush (Indica-dominant)

Amidst the go-go-go of the holidays, there’s something to be said for soaking up the simple pleasures of doing absolutely nothing. When you do, be sure to bring along some Tres Kush. This rare, Indica-leaning hybrid comes from Afghani #1 and Chemdog, paving the way for restorative terpenes like Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene.

Grape Stomper (Sativa-dominant)

From family game nights to holiday shopping, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is best known for its potent cerebral effects. Grape Stomper offers a unique aromatic blend of skunk and grape with a buzz that’s sure to stimulate the mind before easing into a nice body high to last you into the night.

Gelato Cake (Indica-dominant)

For all you sweet tooths out there, you’ll especially love the dessert-like aroma of Gelato Cake, a combination of Gelato #4 and Wedding Cake. As for the effects of this Indica-leaning strain, you can expect physical relaxation to come on nice and strong, though many still find themselves to be productive and creative during the day. With mood-elevating terpenes to help ease the mind, pair this perfect strain with the calm before the holiday storm so you’re ready for anything.

Capital G (Sativa-dominant)

Few cannabis strains compare to the deep-seated relaxation that Capital G is known to provide. With that in mind, here’s a perfect one for that post-holiday bliss when all is said and done and you’ve officially survived the season. Those with a high tolerance will especially love the heavy euphoria that comes along with the territory. So, roll one, pack one, and pat yourself on the back while you do. You did it!

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